Hair Update

Definitely got bigger. :)

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Rakim- It's Been a Long Time

Everytime I listen to this song I just bob my head with my mean pimp face.
..can't tell me nothing.


New Addidas Shackled Sneakers


...that's is all.

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RIP Rodney King

He was found dead in his pool at the young age of 47.
Condolences to his loved one's and family member. He will always be remembered.

For those who don't know who he is. He is the face of the 1991 LA Riots that sparked from his brutal beating he received from several LA police.

Video below-

Trouble Sleeping?

For those of you who don't know I'm a huge fan of aromatherapy. I am also a complete insomniac!
I've tried multiple sleeping "aids" but they just make me drowsy the night of AND the next morning and through out the day.
As a college student with multiple jobs I can't be sleepy and groggy the whole day.
Luckily I've found a SUPER simple solution to my night time troubles. You ready?

*drum roll*

Lavender Oil.
Yup. It's as simple as that.
How did i even figure this out? Well i purchased Castille Liquid Soap (the lavender version) and i noticed that not only did my skin and hair (can be used as shampoo) feel great!...I also felt more calm and relaxed when I got in my bed.
After that I was on a lavender rampage and purchased some lavender essential oil and would dab some on my wrist and neck after my shower. (only a little is needed because it's smell is so potent)
...Let's just say this stuff knocked me out like a baby on morphine.

I would wake up refreshed and ready to go...kind of.(i'm not much of a morning person)

It is an actual fact the lavender has a soothing effect on the user and those that are close enough to smell the user.  It can be used as a muscle relaxer(externally) and is sensitive enough to use directly on the skin without harming it.

So...you have trouble sleeping?
Try lavender oil.

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